Moving your DataCAD license to another computer

When you purchase a single license of DataCAD, it can be activated on only one computer at a time. However, circumstances may arise where you want to run DataCAD on another computer. Perhaps you activated DataCAD on the desktop computer in your office, but you want to run DataCAD on your laptop to take with you to a customer site, or to work on a project at home. You can do this, but you need to “move” the license from one computer to the other by first deactivating it on the desktop computer, before activating it on the laptop.

Like activation, deactivation requires an Internet connection so that DataCAD can communicate with the DataCAD License Server. Please verify you are connected to the Internet before you begin the process.

To deactivate your license DataCAD must be running, but all of your drawing files need to be closed. Close all open drawing files, click the Helppull-down menu, and then select “Deactivate this computer...” from the “License Actionssection. DataCAD will ask you to confirm that you wish to deactivate the license installation.

Once deactivation is successful, you may activate your DataCAD license on a different computer. You may activate and deactivate your DataCAD license as often as necessary.